At Last


Do a person be done Just because he chooses so? No wait awhile man, I don't think so Looking around trying to see Whose got the ideas and whose gonna speak Hide it with aggression Makes it had to swallow Inside feeling empty, weak, and hollow Makes the heart grow envious, dark, and shallow Makes us judge those whom we can't understand With full repercussions and without reprimand To ourselves and our own erroneous ideas and irrational fears Whose there to oversee our actions To call us out when we try to sanction Our beliefs over those who walk in peace And are free from distractions The same that keeps us all tuned in to what's in or not Whose got the Adidas and who's just got socks Who put on make up and a revealing dress Or whose just rolling around looking a mess Do what you want I'm not here to judge But just be mindful of who you trust With your thoughts and consciousness Easily tapped into without your acknowledgement On your part you're just watching TV But on there's they're doing more They're trying filter into thoughts Make theirs become your own And leave all else behind Because to them you're just a soft puppet, Metallica said With hidden wires and hidden agendas They'll never tell us What do you think?! This is a democracy?! What rock have you been under Thinking our lives are so complete That truth be told and all is peace Well you're wrong and your mind is weak If you think that this world is looking out for you Humans are evil, Cause nothing but destruction Dead prez, and animal farm Taught me all that To wake up, look at the stars in the sky And worship them Not those who falsify love and peace And justify it with rape and brutality Not the first to notice and sure won't be the last But one more voice can add up to the overall demand For equality, justice, and transparency Please tell me we can do this and not let it be just a dream A dream I can go without, if it becomes a reality For the one who started it the dream back in the south King Jr. Was his name don't you forget Sacrificed more than his life and family He sacrificed his fate Life is a struggle it always warrants Look forward towards the goal And keep in mind the past Life is like riding a bicycle You have to keep moving to keep the balance To make changes in this world and not have this consciousness be in vain And not let it go to waste in the mindless actions We're all conditioned to take Soon we'll all be with him Different colors and different nations Make his chant survive and move through the generations Something long forgotten but soon to be had Let it not be just a dream of the long dark past "FREE AT LAST!, FREE AT LAST!, FREE AT LAST!"

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